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Discover the joy of learning with the AR-Enabled Flash Cards Bundle, covering subjects such as Mathematics, English, Environmental Studies (EVS), and Hindi.

Learning Joy - AR-Enabled Flashcards (For Android Devices Only)

We understand the significance of turning learning into an enjoyable adventure. That's why we introduce our premium AR-enabled Flashcards – a revolutionary approach to infuse joy into your child's educational journey.

Our Flashcards go beyond the basics, covering letters, numbers, shapes, words, phonics, counting, colours, sight words, foundational vocabulary, and maths. What sets them apart is the magic of Image-tracking Augmented Reality (AR). These are not ordinary flashcards; they open the door to a world where education meets innovation, curiosity, and limitless possibilities.

Explore the following Flashcard categories:

  • Level A (Age 3+): Animals & Birds, Capital letters, Colors, Fruits & Vegetables, Hindi Swar, Numbers, Shapes, Small Letters, and Transportation.

  • Level B (Age 4+): Animals, Colors, Fruits & Vegetables, Hindi Swar, Hindi Vyanjan, Numbers, Places in our Surroundings, Pre-Number Concepts, Professions, Sentence Forming Words, Shapes, Small Letters, Transport, and Vowel Words.

  • Level C (Age 5+): Sentence Forming Words, Action Words, Animal and their Homes, Animals and their Young Ones, Sentences, Mathematical Symbols, Vowel Words, Shapes, Emergency Vehicles, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Community Helpers, Alphabets, and Picture Identifier.

This isn't just an educational method; it's a transformative experience with digital devices like Android smartphones or Android tablets.

Your child doesn't merely memorize; they understand, engage, and create.

Amazing features of AR Enabled Flashcards

  • Immersive visuals for a multisensory experience
  • 3D image tracking AR for effective learning and retention
  • Interactive activities for playful learning
  • Audio support for pronunciation correction
  • Compliance with NCFFS 2022 guidelines for holistic development

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